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Pressure Washer Reviews

When buying pressure washers you want to make sure it is powerful enough, suitable enough and in some cases light enough for your needs. There are many varieties from budget to industrial. We have reviews of the best pressure washers available.

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What are pressure washers?

Pressure washers produce high pressure jets of water to help clean all sorts including cars, patios, concrete, paving etc...

To operate you would connect a hose pipe to the pressure washer (and of course the other end to a tap!), plug in the pressure washer and connect an adapter to the end of the nozzle.

Switch on the pressure washer and you have a powerful jet of water to help clean dirt and debris from all manner ofsurfaces. It's quite a manual task to scrub paving stones, patio flooring or use a sponge to wash a car - pressure washers take this task away by allowing the user to stand upright whilst the power of the water stream cleans the surface.

Pressure washers come in all sizes from small, compact home use to big industrial pressure cleaners.

Uses For a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are certainly useful devices to have around the home. In the good old olden days to make sure your patio (or backyard as it would probably have been known) was clean of grime, dirt and muck you would have had to get on your hands and knees and literally scrub the floor.

It wasn't an easy task, and certainly wasn't a pleasent task, but was the only way to get the job done.

Now with more devices to help take the stress and strain of day to day chores than you can shake a stick at along comes the pressure washer unit and generally makes this labourious task a thing of the past.

These are handy devices to have but they are not just limited to cleaning patios. Pressure washing your patio is certainly one of the better and more common uses but they also have a place in cleaning:

1. Washing the car (see below)
2. Sheds
3. Driveways
4. Clearing weeds
5. Cleaning decking
6. Washing down patio furniture

We have mentioned a car above. This should be safe but you should always check with the small print of any pressure washer to make sure they are suitable to wash a car with. If you drive in to most hand car washes now many (if not all) will have pressure washers of their own to help clean your car.

If you really enjoy spending hours scrubbing down patios, driveways and pavements with a scrubbing brush, bucket of soapy water, plenty of elbow grease and sore muscles a few hours later then stick with brush - if on the other hand you want to save yourself some time take a look in to pressure washers. Many people who were researched after buying a pressure washer quite openly commented that they started doing chores they had put of for years in some cases. The devices made the job much more easier and therefore more pleasurable to see the end results.